November 6: Day of Prayer and Fasting for the US Elections

Please join Socon or Bust in a day of prayer and fasting tomorrow, imploring that God’s will be done in the US elections, both at the presidential level and Congress.

13 thoughts on “November 6: Day of Prayer and Fasting for the US Elections

  1. You prayed for bill 312 and were not successful. Why do you actually believe you can control the outcome of the US election?

    The other day you were complaining about students from Canada going to Ohio to help the Anti-Christ. Is this not the same?

    • You should be careful how you mock prayer and God. No prayer goes unanswered if it’s God’s will, only the route it takes is unknown and most times unexpected.

      As the Lord says, “My ways are not your ways”.

      Viewing things strictly politically and myopically is not a Catholic perspective. There are many silver linings in Romney’s defeat.

      The thing about liberals is that they judge victory or defeat in terms of the “NOW”. But the Christian view is long term, spanning decades and centuries.

      I guess, you’ll be happy with that outcome at least for the short term, but what happens when you face your dying breath and things are turning against your political world view? Will Obama save you then, in this life or in the next?

  2. Obama could never save me. In this life, the next life or my previous life. The fact that I am Canada could have something to do with it, but you can only save yourself. Nobody can do it for you.

  3. You did not create yourself, and therefore you cannot save yourself. The only being that can save you from death is your Creator.

  4. Sorry, but that’s not the question. You said you would save yourself. I want to know how. Please describe the step-by-step plan.

    • Once you are dead, there is no need for a creator. You are, by definition, no longer among the living. While living, you take personal responsibility. You do not let other people do your thinking for you.

  5. But I keep coming back to the question: how will you save yourself after you’re dead? And I’ll never stop asking until you give me a straight answer.

      • That’s the problem, here. Death is not the final answer. We were created to live forever.

        If not, then your life is completely meaningless. It has no enduring value.

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