Novalis Glorifies Cardinal Martini’s Dissent

True to form, Novalis has published a book in French in which they relate the late Cardinal Martini’s views of the Church. We all know that his  views were dissent-ridden, although this didn’t stop fellow liberals like Fr. Rosica from canonizing him. Below is a scan of the advertisement for the book (click to enlarge).

As is often the case, Novalis showcased this dissenting crap in the Sunday missalette, called Prions en Église. The strategy is ingenious yet diabolical. Of course, the missalette is an easy way to reach the masses (no pun intended). But more strategically, by placing these ads alongside the mass readings and prayers, it confers a presumption of legitimacy and orthodoxy to their books. It’s like the opposite of guilt by association. Call it virtue by association. If the ad for the book appears side by side with the holiest of prayers, and the faithful get to read these ads inside the church’s edifice during the mass, then surely the book must be approved by the Church and contain mainstream views of Catholicism, right?

Below is my translation of the caption in the ad:

Last Conversations
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

When they were published in Italian, these conversations of Cardinal Martini with the journalist Eugenio Scalfari stirred up many debates within the Church. Msgr Martini exposes his audacious and progressive vision of things in the hope of helping overcome the crisis that is currently shaking the ecclesial institution. He notably speaks of the urgent need for the Church to open itself to modernity or risk disappearing.


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