Novalis celebrating heretic Hans Kung at Mass?

This weekend, I attended Mass at a francophone parish in Ottawa. The Sunday missalette used in the francophone parishes is called “Prions en Église” and is published by Novalis, which is based in at the very liberal University of St. Paul.

As I was trying to enter prayerfully into the Mass, I noticed that on the back cover of the missalette was an advertisement for the second volume of the memoirs of notorious heretic Hans Kung, entitled “A Contested Truth”. The summary of the book presents Kung as a sort of hero and martyr at the hands Vatican persecution.

Now could somebody please explain to me the wisdom for advertising this book in the Sunday missalette, knowing that this renowned heretic has denied some fundamental teachings that are inextricably linked to the Mass, including the divinity of Christ and the fact that the Mass is the re-presentation of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary?  What were they thinking?  This is simply a reflection of how low St. Paul’s University has fallen.

2 thoughts on “Novalis celebrating heretic Hans Kung at Mass?

  1. Steve:

    You beat me to it… anyway – in the future I was going to do a post about Novalis. Their publications have done much to corrupt Catholic minds for years.

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