Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel School another fine private Catholic school in Ottawa, in addition to existing schools, Maryvale Academy and St. Clement Academy.

L’école Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel is for Catholic francophone elementary school children.  Check it out here.

It’s especially handy for all you Quebec and Francophone parents on the run from the Quebec government whose appointed propaganda-thugs want to interrogate your children and abduct them away from you….and no, it’s no joke.

Socon or Bust is very proud to have played (or will have played) a small part in the formation and/or development of each of these fine Catholic educational institutions.

And then there were three.

Do I see four in the future?  C’mon, everyone, one school at a time.  Let’s build up Catholic education again…and never, ever go back to State funding.

Been there. Done that.  Got a kick in the teeth for it.  Won’t go back. Ever.


2 thoughts on “Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel School

  1. Good stuff. But wouldn’t it be more strategic to grow the existing schools so that we can achieve some economies of scale and thus lower tuition? Enrollment could snowball if tuition starts falling and thus draws more kids, which would further reduce tuition, etc.

  2. Well, first of all, each of the schools has their own niche. Maryvale is the English speaking “Ordinary Form” school. St. Clement is for the kids who worship in Latin. This School is francophone. All three are very different in some respects. Also, from a strategic point of view, best not to have our eggs in one basket. It’s easier for the enemy to take us out in one shot.

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