Notre Dame Arrests Catholic Priest For Defending Life

I’m not upset at the police. They are just doing their job. They were actually quite decent with the elderly priest.

As for Notre Dame and Fr. Jenkins, they are merely products of the last 40 years of liberal Catholicism or more particularly, lax Catholicism. If they can get away with honouring a pro-abort thug like Obama, why the hell not? Who’s going to stop them?

There were over 80 bishops who opposed the decision to honour Obama.

I say, “Big Deal”.

It’s just more “talk and no action” against so-called Catholics who thumb their noses at authority and scandalize the faithful.

Talk does not usually require any sacrifice. Action usually does. It usually means reprecussions and The Cross.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Whether it’s with priests, politicians, or other public figures, it’s all about passing the buck instead of picking it up for our bishops. Like the crisis of fatherhood in general, our spiritual fathers have forgotten what it means to apply a little discipline in the family.

When, I wonder, are our bishops going to discover their testicles and apply some manly and fatherly correction? Or are they all so thoroughly emasculated that they have forgotten what it means to be a man? Are they all just politicians and diplomats and bureaucrats and church managers?

Many of bishops think that by not acting, they are saving us and themselves from some great evil or unnecessary grief. But the thing about inaction, however, is that it comes at a steep price as well.

First of all, there is the credibility problem that they accept for themselves. How can they possibly be taken seriously when they allow such an assault on the Church and human life? How can we but not shake our heads in shame the next time they address the issue of defending the innocent unborn within the womb? They have a theoretical objection to abortion but that’s about all. They won’t use their authority and the power given to them by Christ to do something about it. What is even more amazing is that they have canonical recourse to do it because this grievance is being manufactured by a priest no less! It is not a secular issue, involving a non-Catholic, but one of their own!

Secondly, this whole scandal will only propagate to other venues around the country and probably around the world. If Fr. Jenkins can do it without any real consequences by the bishops, then why can’t other pseudo-Catholic schools do the same? That’s a very good question that the bishops need to address. In fact, it’s already happening now. And, sooner rather than later, not only will the faux Catholics start dismissing and ignoring the bishops, but faithful Catholics will too. There is, after all, a limit to what a sensible person can accept with mere figureheads making pious declarations who mouth their outrage but are short on actually doing something about it.

Thirdly, Catholics will start to seek out schismatic “Catholic” sects who will start popping up in order to fill the void left by bishops who are missing in action. Unlike what we have seen thusfar, however, these sects will not represent the wacky Left, but represent a reactionary Right with strong bishops, and otherwise solid doctrine, except for a few points of departure. But a departure is a departure, and that puts the searching faithful OUTSIDE of communion with Rome.

This is the patrimony that the bishops of North America and the West are leaving for us today.

They had better wake up fast and do something immediately, or the whole thing is going to go belly up.

We don’t need any more talk. Talk is cheap. Even “tough talk” is just talk.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

Jesus didn’t just talk. He bled, suffered, and died.

16 thoughts on “Notre Dame Arrests Catholic Priest For Defending Life

  1. If we may kill children in the womb,we may do anything and great numbers of men and women in our institutionalized atheist society have come to think it is normal and desirable that their weak and helpless should be killed. Babies asleep in the dim of their mothers womb are awakened by knife-edged cannulas that suck and tear their solft young limbs, white halowed grandmothers with wandering minds are herded by white smocked institutionally educated atheists into the cold and dark waters of death. Many physicians are educated to think of suicide as though it were medicine. How is it even possible to think such thoughts?

  2. The matter is now in the hands of Archbishop Burke. He is the Prefect to the highest court at the Vatican. Prior to commencement, Archbishop Burke criticized Notre Dame and Dr. Jenkins for the planned honor of anti-family anti-life President Obama.

  3. Besides speaking out on the matter, which Archbishop Burke did, he couldn’t very do much before the incident took place. Now, we’ll see…

  4. Though I’m hopeful with Archbishop Burke involvement, I must admit, St. John Chrysostom troubling line “the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops”, keeps coming to mind.

  5. Though I’m hopeful with Archbishop Burke involvement, I must admit, St. John Chrysostom troubling line “the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops”, keeps coming to mind.

    You and me both. I can’t get that out of my head either.

  6. John,
    I think it is well past time that the Church Militant got a lot more ‘militant.’ Either our dear bishops will lead the way, or others will step into the gap to fill their shoes.
    Feminism has emasculated our priests and bishops to the point where they are afraid to even call a meeting without the approval of the female chattering classes. If only the the clergy realized how ready the laity is for their leadership.

  7. Like I said in a earlier post, the battle is within God’s family, within the catholic church and words are no longer enough to bring about change. It is like battling mindless beasts in an arena. JPll said that a new springtime in the church would probably come from the shedding of blood from the faithful. We can and must be militant with evil forces outside the church but at this point of the game the smoke of satan has penetrated into the tabernacle of God. Look at this 80 year old priest who was being militant within a CATHOLIC university, who was on the front line for his faith.
    Catholics against catholics for the whole world to see and the devil’s laughing in our faces.

  8. American voters–Please remember that Alan Keyes who was a Presidential candidate was arrested twice at the Notre Dame protest.
    Alan Keyes is a big advocate for Pro-Life and he walks the talk.
    One cannot talk family values and not value families and life.
    Pluralistic values that support athestic ideologies are demonic, and the ruination of American society. Enlightenment Jurisprudence opens the door and is the cause of these demonic ideologies. Natural Law jurisprudence finding its cognizance in Biblical principles would eliminate this pluralistic thinking in American society. Catholics be strong in the Lord and His mighty power. (Psalm 24:1)–(1 Cor. 10:26) The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. God bless America and Canada.,

  9. This is only Thanks to Obama. People do only evil and kill inocent Children
    this is very distubing, a prist gets arrestet doing GOOD only to protect human life, and respectet, what is wrong with you people,this makes no sense and people voted for an evil man to be a president. Why?

  10. How do you get pluralistic reasoning people to rethink their way back into right thinking like in the bible?

  11. how about some Canadian solidarity for the unborn of not just the U.S.A. & Canada, but worldwide…. i live in Canada’s capital, where the closest abortion mill is literally a stone’s-throw away from the Canadian seat of government on Parliament Hill. pro-life supporters, not only Catholics, but from other denominations, too, have held two very successful Right-to Life Vigils across the street from the Morgentaler death clinic. through many types of weather, and temperature changes, i might add!

    to learn that an 80-year-old pro-life priest as arrested at Notre Dame is shocking! wasn’t President Obama at the campus propogating [yet again] his pro-choice litany? i don’t suppose the Catholic “Mafia” did much to counter the president’s remarks, although, in a media clip i heard, some “conciliatory” predisential words were uttered too….

    know that there are Canadian Catholics & other Christians who don’t agree with the Obama administration’s stances on pro-choice or allowing stem-cell research. in these days, we HAVE to stand together in solidarity against the forces of darkness.

    shalom, in solidarity,

    daniel [Ottawa, Canada]

  12. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    How sad that the White House and Congress are on an accelorated path towards the destruction of the concept and reality of the dignity of life and thus our society!!

    We already murder the unborn – how long before we will commence with the ‘doing away with’ the older of our citizens.

    Pray God for a new awakening of the existance of God and the moral value which made this country so great. History has shown that a society without God is doomed.

  13. to every creature terminating human life is prohibited, a refrence in the bible (Genesis) after Cane killed Able, the bible recommend that immedatary it’s blood touches ground it cry for revenge. God punishment was not only on Cane but to all creature, for his future which is valueable to all creature was terminated. To God it is an abormination, for God said thy shall not kill, and if any waste human life he or she will also be waste as he or she waste his neigbour.

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