One thought on “Not Nice Jesus

  1. Thanks for this post.
    Finally the Real Jesus gets some proper blog-post time.
    Now there is not only the real Savior any woman or man would fall in love with, but the kind of “man”, any man would desire to emulate hopefully (its in his real genes that God endowed him with), and the kind of “man” any real woman who is healthy
    would desire completely. One who will never compromise
    truth in any way and does the Will of His Father and will never back down in the face of any evil nor and knows what rue love is. Finally he knows what True Justice and Mercy are, and also recognizes there is a time for righteous anger, and that the only proper response to to silence in the midst of anger and the Faith Being undermined is an anger that moves to right the situation not rolling over in passivity and allowing evil to
    trample God’s Church or God’s children and creation.

    Thank You Lord for St. Joseph for the greatest Saint of All, Our Blessed Virgin Mother, and Queen Mary and also for Saints like St. Joan of Arc who was an example of courage and refused to listen to anyone before You God.
    Dear Lord make us fighters for what is True, Pure and Just
    and please let us never be afraid to die for You… ALONE if that may
    happen to be the case, and what You ask of us…and the way things are going…
    it may very well Be…at least for some of us.

    St. Joan of Arc …pray for us

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