Not Letting Up…One Little Bit

Socon or Bust readers may think that we might be letting up in our investigation of Development & Peace.

Well, that’s not going to happen. 

It’s going to be difficult to top our latest report because it had the pictures to back it up, but we have a few more stories in the pipe line to share with you next week.  Nothing jaw dropping…just more exhibits to add to the overwhelming body of evidence.  We’ll even vere off into other territories…like how efficient Development & Peace is in spending your money.  Nuts and bolts financial stuff that you might find interesting and disturbing…even if you are still a D&P supporter.

In the mean time, a good friend of Socon or Bust has done some more digging into D&P’s sponsored Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo (read report on this group here) and how they are using Canadian Catholic dollars to advance the abortion gospel.  Here are some more activities that this abortion group has been involved in….

* There is a group in Nicaragua called Puntos de Encuentro, “Meeting points”. Their abortion page features an editorial in which they express their total support for legalization of therapeutic abortion.  They have several links, articles and discussion groups about the topic.  They also present a “Directory” of other groups. The first on the list is D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

* There is also a lobby group called “Campaign 28 September for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Carribean”.  In its September 2006 newsletter, there is a list of member groups on the last page, including D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

* The International Planned Parenthood Federation (with their logo on the front page) co-wrote a letter to President Obama to thank him for enabling US funding to abortion groups in other countries.  There are 7 pages of co-signors at the end, including D&P’s Colectivo de Mujeres 8 de Marzo, Nicaragua.

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