“Not just another marriage conference”?

That’s the understatement of the century.

Apparently our presumptive “Channel of Hope” is plugging a conference featuring Tricky Ricky:

Blake also appreciates Dr. Gaillardetz’s thought that marriage is a communal sacrament, a social institution. We need to move towards a more social recognition of the sacrament, instead of staying within the “safety” of the circle of me, my spouse, and my kids. We are supposed to be going out two by two into the world as disciples, creating change.

“Creating change“?  Sounds like an apostle of Obama, if you ask me.  Come to think of it, that phrase makes a lot of sense, considering Tricky Ricky’s associations.

Fresh off his trip to Texas, Tricky Ricky will be slipping and sliding his way up here to offer his views of marriage and his slick views of contraception.

One thought on ““Not just another marriage conference”?

  1. I don’t trust Mr. Gaillardetz. “Creating change”? Changes made are not always a good. There’s good change and there’s bad change, but change for the sake of change is stupid. How about “Bringing people to Christ”? Or is that not the change they have in mind?

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