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Yesterday, Cardinal Ouellet apologized for the Church’s past sins in Quebec.  LifeSiteNews’ coverage of the story can be read here.

His apology was substantially about unjust discrimination against homosexuals and women.  And, indeed, although the debate in our culture is often polarized around the issues of sex and the Catholic side is often seen as draconian and harsh, there is still a real possibility that homosexuals and women experience unjust discrimination and harrassment. 

The Catholic view, of course, is that everyone is a person FIRST before we start to assign them genital behaviour categories.  And as persons, created in God’s image, we are all worthy of the respect that such a status entails. However, as if it needs to be said, what a person is is not the same thing as what a person does.  Acts can be condemned. Persons, on the other hand (who can change their acts), should never be condemned.

In one section of the LifeSiteNews’ coverage, this section stood out for me: 

“Were the Cardinal to make apologies for the Church’s discrimination against women and homosexuals for the period after 1960, he may well apologize for Catholic leaders not being strong enough in their opposition to homosexuality and abortion since these two evils harm women and persons with same sex attraction disorder more than words can ever tell.”

Cardinal Ouellet is a very courageous bishop for coming out (excuse the pun) and apologizing for the Church’s past failures.  Since he seems to be courageous enough to dismiss the fact that his mea culpa will either be rejected with a sneer of deep skepticism or will be misunderstood as changing the Church’s teaching on sexual ethics, perhaps it is time for the good Cardinal to address the elephant in the room which is the past sins of the Canadian Church regarding contraception.

If the Cardinal is really serious about cleaning house, then he should approach the other bishops of the Catholic Church and repent of the proverbial elephant in the room, the dissent of the Canadian Bishops from Humanae Vitae.

On September 28, 1968, the Bishops of the Catholic Church failed in their duty to protect and teach the faith to all Canadian Catholics when they issued the Winnipeg Statement.  The most grievous and scandalous part of the document was the infamous paragraph 26:

26. Counsellors may meet others who, accepting the teaching of the Holy Father, find that because of particular circumstances they are involved in what seems to them a clear conflict of duties, e.g., the reconciling of conjugal love and responsible parenthood with the education of children already born or with the health of the mother. In accord with the accepted principles of moral theology, if these persons have tried sincerely but without success to pursue a line of conduct in keeping with the given directives, they may be safely assured that, whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience. 

Contraception has turned Canada and much of the West into a wasteland. It is the tangible foundation for all the social ills we see around us, most notably divorce, abortion, same-sex “marriage”, and euthanasia, and many others.  Take away contraception and all of these problems will fall off the map.

And so, now that the Cardinal has apologized to the gays and women, it’s time for him, as Primate of Canada, to repent of the Winnipeg Statement, and ask for forgiveness from the millions of Canadian souls who were sold into sexual bondage by the scandalous teaching of the bishops.

The apology does not go far enough, Your Eminence.  Finish the job and restore unity with Rome.


Saw this little item also: 

“The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the association of Quebec bishops refused yesterday to stand behind Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who apologized Tuesday for the past sins of the Catholic church. The bishops stressed he “spoke only on his behalf.“” (Source)

In other words, the unity we have in the Catholic Church in Canada at the moment is, in large measure, a sham.  That is why the bishops who are faithful to Rome and to the Gospel of Life need to “go it alone” and not be dragged down by these large bureaucracies where preserving orthodoxy and evangelizing are way down on the totem poll.  After all, the bishop’s primary job is to be faithful to the Gospel and be in union with Rome. He is not obligated to have his voice muted by the lowest common denominator at the CCCB

Case in point: what was the first item discussed and reported on at the recently concluded annual meeting of the CCCB?


We have had a war right here on our own soil for the past 40 years. We are losing 100,000+ unborn children every year and the family is being ruthlessly picked apart.

It’s time for the bishops to wake up and get their priorities straight.

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