Not Everyone’s Ga-Ga Over Obama

From my friend David MacDonald who was there with a friend, witnessing to the pain that abortion caused them…

“Frances and I went up to the Hill to meet Obama with our signs… got slight mention in the Citizen… they didn’t mention my “fatherhood” sign but at least they mentioned Frances’ sign. Page A 6 yesterday

 “…Not everyone who greeted Mr. Obama was star-struck. One person from the animal rights group PETA dressed as a seal carried a sign asking to be hugged, not clubbed. A woman held a sign proclaiming her regret at having had an abortion. One couple toted a banner suggesting that Mr. Harper is dishonest about climate change….” (Source)

If you can read the article long enough before you puke at Obama’s cult-like Messiah greeting in “Iowa” (pronounced “Ott-a-wa”), you’ll have done very well for yourself.

I am sure that I am not the only one who has noticed the great irony in placing the victims of abortion along side the tree huggers and the “save the whales” groupies, like some kind of marginalized members of our society.

These are the same type of people who, after all, pinned the Son of God between two thieves, did their mocking and went about their day.

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