“Not Every Abortion Harms Women”?

Kelly Gordon, a PhD candidate in political studies at the University of  Ottawa, says it’s important to remember not every woman regrets ending her  pregnancy. Gordon and Paul Saurette, a political studies professor at the  university, are writing a book about how discussion about abortion is  changing. (Source)

This is true. For these people, something called “repentance” is relevant.  Just because you don’t feel remorse, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  There’s plenty of people who commit serious crimes who don’t feel remorseful or hurting at all.  What’s society’s response to that?  Sympathy and understanding at such coldness and cruelty?  Not.

The solution is to reawaken their sense of right and wrong and to help them develop their consciences properly.

It’s not without surprise that we see such an attitude emanating from the Political Studies department of a Canadian University, where truth and decency are not exactly high commodities and where equivocations and relativism reign on high.

One thought on ““Not Every Abortion Harms Women”?

  1. As I the “feelings” from one’s conscience were the only criteria in determining right and wrong. That’s where our society is at today.

    This can partly be traced to the infernal Winnipeg Statement which told everybody to just follow their consciences. The bishops of this county will be so accountable before God when they die.

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