“Not another nickel…”

Mr. Pacheco:

This is in reply to your email dated may 2, 2008.

After having reviewed the documents contained at tab 17 and 19 of exhibit HR-1 that was filed during the hearing and made part of the Tribunal’s official record, I can confirm to you that you were provided with the exact documents contained in those two tabs.

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Fournier
Directeur, Services administratifs /
Director, Administrative Services /
Canadian Human Rights tribunal /
Tribunal canadien des droits de la personne
Ottawa, ON K1A 1J4 / Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 1J4
Telephone / Téléphone 613-995-1707
Facsimile / Télécopieur 613-995-3484
teletypewriter / téléimprimeur 613-563-6460
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada

So, in other words, the e-mail that I sent to Bernie here about this means the Tribunal has been removing evidence.  What other evidence has been removed?  What other procedural fraud or incompetence has been going on?  What kind of racket is Rob Nicholson running here? It is, after all, his show.  He appointed Jennifer Lynch, Q.C.

We’re not asking the Conservatives to be unreasonable. We understand that they are in a minority position.  However, some kind of administrative shakeup at these Human Rights Rackets is surely required, at the very least.

Last Sunday at Church I met a little old lady who told me that she received a fundraising request from the Conservative Party. Before I suggested that she might donate to the FreeSpeechers instead, she interrupted me: “You know, I am so upset over this Human Rights fiasco, I am going to write to the Conservatives and tell them that I am directing my donation to those who are defending my right to speak my mind. They won’t see a plug nickel from me again until they wise up.”

I almost coughed up the cake I was eating.

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