Not all religions are created equal

‘Kumbaya’ Christianity really bugs me.  You know the ‘let’s all hold hands, find common ground and sing songs of peace’ for the global community tripe.  Oh yeah, and let’s just forget the ‘controversial’ issues of the day.  You know the one’s that divide us such as abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage.  After all we wouldn’t want our neighbour to feel uncomfortable.  Why if we spread the gospel message, some of our Pagan friends may ‘gasp’ convert.

Most homilies are full of feel good platitudes with very little substance.  Over the past weekend I was fortunate enough to listen to a homily that was bold, brave, truthful but most of all refreshing.  Below is the text of the homily written by a local Deacon.  It’s main message is that not all beliefs have to be accepted or accommodated.  In fact, as Christians we are called to outright reject religions and their practises that are contrary to the Gospel.  Should we be rude and disrespectful?  Of course not.  But we should not be afraid to speak the truth.  In fact, we are obligated as Christians to label evil as evil.  It is not an act of love to let our neighbours wallow in sin.  Enjoy.

Chris Beneteau

Brothers and sisters in Christ 

Those of you who are students of the bible will know that St Mark actually ended his Gospel with Chapter 16, the last sentence of which reads, “They said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” He intended to challenge his listeners to do better. 

Our Gospel today is part of the longer ending which was added by the Church Fathers at a later date. It is no coincidence that we hear “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” which is so similar to the Great Commission reported in Matthew’s Gospel.  

The Church Fathers chose to repeat the sentiment because they considered it to be of such high importance. Today, it is we who must obey and proclaim the Gospel to the world.  

However, sometimes I think we are too embarrassed to press the case for Christianity. Think of that! Our forbearers faced torture and death, for the sake of Jesus, and we worry about embarrassment! 

Perhaps we have been so taken with the notion of political correctness, that we are reluctant to say that Jesus is the way – and the ONLY way to God. Perhaps we think it is more “correct” to respect “other cultures” even if they are Heathen. 

Let me tell you a true story. 

 I used to belong to a prayer group, and gained a small reputation as a healer. 

One day we were joined by a young woman from
Africa who called herself Jenny in the
USA. She pulled me aside, and asked for private prayer.
It turned out that she had been married for 3 years, and had not become pregnant. Her husband’s family were becoming angry, and were talking about a refund of the bride price. Her self-esteem was very low. 

So we prayed together, and God was good. She conceived that very month, and later had a beautiful little girl. Jenny named her Omeleye, which meant “Peace in the family” 

I went to visit Jenny in the maternity ward, and was allowed to hold Omeleye in my lap, after Jenny informed the staff that I was Omeleye’s grandfather. This caused some confusion, I must say. 

Anyway, some three months later Jenny’s mother-in-law arrived in town, and to my surprise took Omeleye back to
Africa for a “holiday”. That holiday went on and on, and it was a year before Omeleye returned home.

Jenny brought her back to the prayer group, as a toddler, and she introduced me to Omeleye as her grandfather. Only when I took her in my arms, did it dawn on me what they had done to her. She had been mutilated, perhaps with a piece of a broken bottle, in a procedure that is illegal in every Christian country on earth. 

Whenever people ask me to participate in non-Christian rituals, I think of my poor Omeleye, and I refuse to grant such affairs any legitimacy.Jesus Christ is the only road to God, and we should never be embarrassed to proclaim God’s word. 

Saint Paul said we have duty to proclaim the Gospel, and should expect no reward. On the other hand, failure to proclaim the Gospel will be punished.

We say, “In the thoughts, and in my words. In what I have done, and in what I have failed to do.” Each step a little more serious! Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible for God”. He also said, “Nothing is possible without God.” 

It answers a question for me. I read from “Das Kapital” – the Communist manifesto – “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” and I think – that sounds like a good idea. So I ask – why did Communism fail? 

However, I also read in the same book, “Religion is the opiate of the people”, and that answered my question. 

It is this latter repudiation of God that explains why Communism is no more than a failed experiment, for “Nothing is possible without God” 

Yes, we know that communism failed miserably. All we have to do is to compare the different histories of East and
West Germany, or more latterly, North and
South Korea.

The Russians have abandoned the Godless philosophy, and so have the Chinese – although less explicitly. Communism is close to disappearing. 

Let us think about what we are saying. “Nothing is possible without God” Do you think that
Canada is slowly forgetting this basic truth?
I think the Godless in
Canada are pushing forward, and making gains.

Did you imagine when we were children that it would become legal to kill children? 

Did you imagine when we were children that acts of homosexuality would not only become legal, but would be given the protection of a legal marriage? 

Did you imagine that Catholic schools would be under attack? That prayer in school would be banned? That atheists and pagans would be allowed to push their agendas on good Christian people? 

That people would advocate killing the elderly when they become a nuisance? 

Did you imagine that pagan “First Nation” ceremonies would be celebrated in a Catholic church? 

I could go on, but you know full well what I am saying.How long before African immigrants are demanding the right to practice female circumcision?  So many groups think that their beliefs are as valid as Christianity. Let me be clear. They are not – even if it does sound non-Politically correct! 

Canada used to have a Christian, law-abiding and stable society. We took it all too much for granted, and have not been on our guard.
Read the
Toronto Star if you want to see how far we have fallen.

We must obey God’s call, and preach the Gospel.  And yes, move from a less than successful policy of defense, to an aggressive policy of expansion. 

I will be hosting a Parish Mission next week, starting at 7 pm on Monday. It is about the Call to
Saint Paul, and by extension the call to every one of us.

I encourage you all to come, to talk a little more about the wonderful Faith that we share, to lend your voices to the singing, and maybe, in some way, to think about what God expects from us!”

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  1. Today we have lost the confidence that statements of fact can ever be anything more that just opinions, we have been educated to think that we no longer know that anything is certain beyond our subjective preferences. The word truth now means true for me and nothing more. Ideas that are taught are seldom analyzed well. By means of repetition and passive acceptance over time, they take on the force of common wisdom, a truth that everyone is taught to know but no one has stopped to examine. When truth dies, then the concept of moral truth becomes incoherent. Right and wrong become matters of individual opinion. Today religious relativism is taught almost everywhere, but not its consequences.

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