No One Gets A Free Pass

Mr. Hadjis questioned whether it is fair, in general, to hold Web site owners accountable for what others may write in their comment sections, possibly without their knowledge, consent or endorsement.

He used the example of the CBC, which operates several chat forums for readers to discuss news stories, and asked what would happen if a hateful message somehow got past automatic filters and live editors.

Without commenting on the CBC directly, Ms. Blight said there is no “free pass” for anyone. (Source)

It’s all a matter of perspective.  We freespeechers have been looking at this the wrong way.  This can be a wonderful opportunity to finally take Comrad Blight up on her rather revealing and impartial offer:  no one gets a free pass.  Now, so far (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), no one getting a free pass has been limited to no conservative or Christian getting a free pass in front of the Star Chambers, but in the coming months I’m sure that club is going to be expanded quite significantly.  We’re going to be boldly going where previous communists and fascists have gone before.

If the Left insists on using the HRCs to persecute the Right, then turn-around is fair play.  If the Conservatives get a majority, it will be a whole new slate of  investigators at the CHRC, a whole new slate of judges at the Human Rights Tribunals, a whole new set of professional complainers, and a whole new set of defendants.

CBC will be the first on the docket. If the Left can go after Maclean’s, then the CBC is also fair game. And after that, Rabble, etc., etc.

If you’re a lefty blogger, you’d better hope that you’re not one of those etceteras.

2 thoughts on “No One Gets A Free Pass

  1. Well, if no one gets a FREE PASS then “Estate”, “Mark lV”, “axetogrind”, “Lucy” “Poque Mahone” et al along with “Jadewarr” should be handed a ‘GO Directly to Jail’ card

    Fair is fair.

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