One thought on “No need to argue

  1. Abortion is the majority of the Western Worlds “Final Solution”. The Nazi’s passed over 400 laws thus legalizing their holocaust. At the Nuremberg War crime trials Ten Nazi Leader were indicted for compelling and encouraging abortions. The Western World was Christian then in government, law, education and thus so were the majority of it’s citizens in worldview. When Christianity was taken out of government, law and education ,and replaced politically with Politically Correct Relativism all sorts of evil is forced on the public by court enforcement and government decree. If a democratic Canadian society can force The Parliament of Canada to change rotten Supreme Court and Parliamentary law in 2008 to protect children from legally being sexually exploited by perverse adults, it can do it today. The Nazi’s did not allow this, so who is to blame in Canada and the rest of Western Civilization? When the Chief Priests and elders of the Institutional Church of it’s day dispersed believers out of Jerusalem after Christ’s Crucifixion this Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation turned the Pagan World upside down wherever they settled. In a Western Democracy the citizens have a responsibility Politically for the laws of the land. Too many so-called Priests and believers are Absent Without Leave in this Culture War that is raging for the minds and souls of our citizens in government, law, education and society. You know what happens when everyone runs around doing whats right according to their own whims.

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