No more manna for you

I think that we are headed for a lot of really hard choices in the near future.  I am no economist, but it seems to me that we are headed for a serious global economic downturn that could force even billions of people to make hard choices and changes.  There could be a lot of upheaval and suffering as certain dimensions of our society change radically.  This could be a time when – in the face of suffering and fear – many Catholics get serious.  Their priests and bishops will have to get serious.  There may even be oppression.  In any event, we may be headed toward a smaller, leaner, hungrier but clearer and more focused Church in our once-Christian once-careless wealthy nations.  I am just musing aloud, right now, but I see this war of attrition I mentioned also in light of the broader trends.  Just as after 9/11 we saw in the United States a greater sense of unity and purpose – now fading as the years have passed – perhaps hardships will bring a greater sense of Catholic identity.  After all, the seeds and roots of the early Church were nourished with the blood of martyrs.  Nothing worthy of our lives and vital forces and faith is going to be easy.  Please know that I hope I am wrong.  I would rather have it that, after a taste of uncertainty and suffering, there is an explosive return among Catholics to the practice of their faith….(Source)

Yes, indeed. In fact, if something drastic does not happen in the coming years, then God is not the God who He says He is.  People have been playing God for a fool, but the joke will be on them.  When the crapola hits the fan and your money is no good, the only thing that will matter is your family, your local church, and your God.  And if you don’t have any of these, you’re screwed…because the government or the economy is not going to be your Saviour anymore.

You’re on your own, Buckwheat.  Those condoms won’t come in handy anymore…but children will.

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