No more Bananas for Banana U.

A decision by Carleton University’s Students Association not to fund pro-life campus groups is not sitting well with some alumni of the school. One former student says he’s putting his chequebook away.

Andrew Harwood, a 2005 grad of Carleton U, says it doesn’t matter whether you support or oppose abortion. He says this is a question of free speech, which “should” be paramount at any university.

Harwood says it’s outrageous that the students’ union would pass a motion to stifle debate. Speaking on CFRA’s “Madely In The Morning”, Harwood says he’ll be withholding his financial support to his alma mater as long as this decision stands. (Source)


I long since stopped giving to Quee[r]’s University in Kingston, my old Alma Mater, because of their rabid pro-leftist ideology. Not sure if they also ban free speech. I wouldn’t be surprised.
As the culture and universities begin to collapse in Canada, people of faith need to take matter into their own hands and start creating their own educational institutions. After all, we’re the ones having the kids anyway.

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