“No Jesus T-Shirt Alllowed in School” – Wacked Out School Board

The administration’s position is that Swinimer’s shirt is offensive to students who don’t share his Christian beliefs.”

No public student needs permission for proclaiming his belief in Jesus Christ. Any official who says so must be opposed to the bitter end.

This is a fight for our survival and if we won’t suffer for it, then we’re liars and cads.

Fight like there is no tomorrow…because there won’t be a tomorrow unless we take a stand and take a hit.

And, here’s my advice to this brave student when the Board tries to “negotiate” with him to take off the heat:  DON’T BUDGE AN INCH.

The fact that these soft-totalitarians do not understand that “offending” someone by simply proclaiming a belief is no reason for censorship, to say the least.

Can you imagine what their personal relationships are with their family, friends, and associates?  Probably not very tolerating.  Being a thug doesn’t stop at one’s place of employment.

Just what the hell has happened to our civilization when its founding principles and the source of those principles (i.e. Jesus Christ) is being overtly attacked?

2 thoughts on ““No Jesus T-Shirt Alllowed in School” – Wacked Out School Board

  1. It would be interesting to know what sayings are on the shirts of the other children at his school.

    Probably things like “It’s nice to be nice” or “Allahu Akbar”. If he ever wears a “It’s OK to wish me Merry Christmas”, they will probably expel him

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