No clear black and white for D&P

…Rather than “lurch forward” and deal with situations “piecemeal,” the bishops’ Standing Committee “is the forum where these issues are now going to be discussed rather than precipitous actions on either side,” said Michael Casey, executive director of the bishops’ international development agency.

“We need a place where we can have a reasoned discussion on the issues we are facing. None of the situations we get involved in are clear black and white.”  (Source)

It is to laugh!  Who, pray tell, is the “we”?   The stark and brutal truth of the matter is that the bishops never had a problem with what D&P was doing for the past 40 years. They’ve just been forced into action because they’ve been embarrassed and their credibility has suffered greatly because of it. 

And as for this “dialogue”, it’s pretty comical.  Dialogue between whom?  It’s like having a trial without the prosecution.  The judge is only hearing from the Defense.  Who is going to be on the side of the Catholic faithful?

Does anyone really believe that these bishops are going to be doing the necessary background checks on D&P’s partners?  Does anyone really believe, given all that has transpired and the obfuscation and deceits, that D&P management is going to be fully forthcoming and transparent in divulging all of the information on potential partners?

Come on!  Let’s get serious.

The bishops need to turn over the role of watchdog to people who actually have a dog in the hunt, and stop this useless public relations gimmick.

We’re the ones that found the problems.  We’re the ones who give a damn. We’re the ones who can dig to find out the dirt on any potential partner.

Not the CCCB or its organs.

Turn over the names. We want transparency and not “assurances”.

Socon or Bust has found 51 problematic groups thus far.  Two more will be revealed between now and the Bishops’ Plenary Assembly. 

According to Casey, none of the situations are black and white. Not even Fr. Arriaga’s scam.  And this is the man that the CCCB wants to dialogue with?  Good grief.


2 thoughts on “No clear black and white for D&P

  1. We wouldn’t want to rush into any “precipitated” actions, eh? Gee, it’s only been 31 months since this started. About 1000 days, give or take. How much more slow-motion can it get?

    Lord help us!

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