ECP Centre Launches New Media Project

The ECP Centre has just launched its new media project on the Internet.  The Centre is re-branding much of its Internet presence on a dynamic new website,  “The ECP Centre is positioning itself to take back the culture by using today’s technology to connect with today’s people. Secular humanists can keep their money-losing, last century media operations,” said Centre President Tristan Emmanuel, but we’re moving forward.The ECP Centre’s new site proudly boasts that its theme will be Punching a Hole in Political Correctness.  We will speak the truth, and nobody will stop us:  not political correctness, not government censorship regulations, not even the Human Rights Commissions.No Apologies will feature Tristan Emmanuel’s no-holds-barred politically incorrect commentary — his No Apologies column that is published every Thursday on — as well as unapologetic weekly audio monologue.“”A lot of people had been wondering what happened to our No Apologies commentary and weekly newscasts over the summer,” says Tristan Emmanuel.  I’ve been busy reworking and improving the format so that we can deliver a better product to a wider audience and at a better price.

The site will also feature news updates every day (Monday –  Friday), in a text and an audio format. The daily news – news you probably won’t hear anywhere else – is being compiled by Al Siebring, a 30-year veteran of radio newsrooms across Canada and the US.  “This is indeed the leading edge of the new media revolution”. says Siebring.  “I’m unbelievably excited to be part of this cutting-edge technological development. I am looking forward to what it can do for Christians across Canada and around the world to fulfill the ECP Centre’s core mandate of equipping them to engage the Public Square and the culture around them.” will also feature editorial commentaries from several other leading Canadian social conservative voices, and it will provide daily hotlinks to news items of interest to Christians and social conservatives across North America.A special feature of the new website is its integration with new syndication technologies. Both Tristan’s audio monologue and Al’s audio newscast will be delivered to your computer via the Internet, or downloadable to your I-Pod or MP3 player. You can also register with RSS to receive the column and audio feeds directly to your computer without having to visit the website.The new website was unveiled over the weekend in Burlington, Ontario, at the ECP Centre’s annual “Ignite Our Culture” conference, themed this year on “Building a New Media – Creating a New Culture”.If you’re tired of yawning through the CTV, screaming at the anti-Christian bias of the CBC and trying to find useful articles and commentary in the National Post or the Globe & Mail, then we invite you to visit our website and enjoy our uncensored Christian news and commentary for a new century.We’ll be the kind of media you have been looking for. A media that tells it like it is. A no-holds-barred alternative media. Every day.

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For more information contact the ECP Centre at:
Phone: (905) 934-1697

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