Nine years ago today

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks against the United States that killed some 3,000 people.

An acquaintance of mine, who lives in New York, lost a girl-friend on that day.  The girl-friend was in the second tower to be struck.  When the first tower was hit, she called her mom from within the tower to reassure her that everything was okay:  “Don’t worry, Mom.  The plane hit the other tower.  We’re safe.  They’re evacuating us now.  I’ll call you when I get out.”

She never made it.

On this day, please take a moment to pray for the victims and their families.

Pray for the Muslims who believe that violence against innocent civilians is justified.

Pray for the majority of Muslims that embrace peace, that they will be able to persuade their brethren to cast away their violent ways.

Pray for non-Muslims who harbour hatred and bigotry towards Muslims.

Pray for our political and religious leaders, that they may find a way to reach out respectfully and constructively to Muslims in order to build more peaceful ties between East and West.  As you can tell, we’re not doing so well in that respect these days.

Americans are a proud people.  They’ve never been known to feel sorry for themselves, at least not for very long.  They have a fighting spirit.  That’s partly why they’re currently building a new skyscraper at Ground Zero.  The new site will also include a memorial, a museum and two pools marking the “footprint” of the former towers.  The memorial will recall the 9/11 attacks, but also the often forgotten terrorist attack of February 26, 1993, which was the first attempt by Muslim terrorists to take down the Twin Towers.  You can learn more about the new project at Ground Zero here.  Construction is still in its early stages.  The picture below shows what I saw on September 1, 2010. American flags were proudly hanging from the cranes.

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