Nigerian Bishop Lays Down The Gospel Against the Heathen West

Archbishop Kaigama warned against submitting to the wishes of some governments and international organizations who wanted to force their debased moral and cultural values on the continent of Africa and especially Nigeria.  His words: “We must not be swallowed up by the tyrannical imposition of some governments or international non-governmental organizations who wish to dictate the moral trend of the world based on their secular values.”

He continued: “In Africa, whether it is about population control, use of condoms, homosexuality, etc sometimes, the views of the West are forced down the throats of Africans through financial inducement. Africans must not be copy cats, believing that whatever comes from the West is ideal.”

The CBCN president stressed the need for “cultural or intellectual discernment” on the part of Africans and Nigerians adding: “or else we run the risk of losing our values and becoming neither Africans nor Westerners.” He added: “We must be faithful to our religious heritage even at a time when some of the people who introduced Christianity to us have become its ardent critics and some of them nurture a pathological hatred for Church directives or moral judgments.” (Source)

Please, dear God, send Canada a bishop like this.  Just one…one bishop…who can challenge the West and not be so concerned about being everyone’s friend.  God Bless Archbishop Kaigama!  We’re united with you.


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