Next Up in the Church…Polygamy

When cardinals from around the world met in Rome last February to set the table for the October synod on the family, some prelates from non-Western cultures hinted that polygamy may drive them to oppose any change in the ban on divorced and remarried Catholics receiving the sacraments. Their argument went like this: The Catholic Church has been telling people in polygamous marriages that they have to change because marriage means one man and one woman, for life. If the Church softens that teaching for the divorced and remarried, it might face pressure to cut a deal for polygamists, too. “You had cardinals from the Third World who got up and said that if they’re dealing with polygamy issues, they don’t want to hear about divorce,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Houston, Texas. DiNardo paraphrased their message as, “If you try something with this, it’s going to hurt us on polygamy.” “They’ve been telling people that if you come into the church, you’ve got to choose one wife,” DiNardo said. “If you suddenly change that, couldn’t [people in polygamous marriages] say, ‘Why can’t you give me a break, too?’ ”  (Source)

When you change one thing…you change all.

I am just hoping that the majority of the participants in this Synod have not lost their minds…because surely some of them have.

I’m not worried. Not one bit.  But it sure is going to be a wild ride.

One thought on “Next Up in the Church…Polygamy

  1. Remember and learn from The National Reich Church of Germany’s ‘Articles” imposed and enforced by The State on all people and Churches.These are some of those “Rotten Articles.” “the National Reich Church will clear away from it’s alters all crucifixes,Bibles,and pictures of the Saints. On the alters there must be nothing but Mein Kampf,to the German nation and therefore to God the most sacred book,and to the left of the alter a sword.”

    In about 307 Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. In only 1962 The Western Civilization declared politically and legally that, the Lord’s Prayer and The Ten Commandments unconstitutional in Government,Law,and Education,and the new politically correct state worldview/religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism Constitutional in Government,Law ans Education,thus The Western States/Civilization converted back to the Worldview/Religion of Paganism. School Teachers stopped leading Western School Children in The Lord’s Prayer,and started indoctrinating them with the tenets of Secular Paganism.These laws are now imposed on everyone in the democratic West,and the indoctrinated majority loves their New Religion/Worldview.In democracies we the people can politically unite and oust rotten leaders who pass putrid Bills into Law in our Councils,Legislatures and Parliaments.

    Bad Religious leaders can also be pointed in Christ’s direction if the people decide to do Christ’s will instead of mans.”A fervent petition of a holy man is powerful indeed”,says Saint James.He concluded,”Remember this:the person who brings back a sinner from his way will save his soul from death and cancel a multitude of sins.”

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