Next Up for D&P

Does Development & Peace still qualify as a charity under charities legislation?

It’s a fair question considering their political activities.  We’re going to make a case that they don’t.

One thought on “Next Up for D&P

  1. I did not vote for a marxist / communist government candidate. I vehemently detest communism. I do not want a communist government. Why then should the Canadian federal government take my tax money and give it to groups who are trying to establish marxist / communist governments? Politically speaking, isn’t that like trying to bring about your own downfall? It makes no sense, and I hope more people start waking up and smelling the coffee. I don’t think anyone wants political leaders who will be so careless as to support their political enemies. That’s just stupid. As Canadians we expect at least some mediocrity of intelligence and performance from our political leaders. Please don’t let us down.

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