NewChurch And Its Apostasy

Continuing on our little Inquisition at Socon or Bust about the endless dissent in the Catholic Church here in Canada, I’d like to bring to the attention of our readers this little gem which a reader has shared with us.

In the video clip below, you’ll be introduced to Sr. Margie.  Sr. Margie is a Roman Catholic Nun who is active in the Antigonish diocese in Nova Scotia.  She’s also a self-professed atheist (or as good as, the way definitions go these days).   That’s right, folks, she’s a nun who doesn’t believe in God – a more common occurrence than readily admitted in NewChurch, I’m afraid to say.

In NewChurch, you can be both Nun and Atheist without fear of opposition, correction, reprisal or rebuke from your fellow Sisters, religious superior, the bishop, or just about anyone else in Koolaid Land.  You have carte blanche to say, to believe, and to do just about anything you want.  And at the end of your really clever talks, everyone will clap and think you’re just super duper smart!

You can “be” and “not be” at the same time.  It’s nirvana, man!

That’s all great and groovy for the atheists in the Church (a revolutionary concept, n’est-ce pas?), but for the rest of us wanting some sanity in the meaning of words, it kind of causes some complications for both them and us.  For one thing, it makes distinctions and definitions in the Catholic Church completely meaningless – hence the Catholic Church’s current “identity crisis” and our recent search “to find ourselves” by reclaiming our identity.  In the past, atheists could not be Roman Catholics – duh.  But NewChurch has done away with all of that mumbo jumbo boundary ‘thang.  The buzzword today in NewChurchSpeak is inclusivity.

You’re Catholic and an Atheist and officially recognized by the Diocese?

Yeah, so?  What’s your point? 

Today, real Catholics are given the boot and forced to drop the name “Catholic” while self-proclaimed Atheists remain Catholics in good standing with their bishops – at least officially.  That’s the loopy world that wimpy and negligent bishops and their bloated bureaucracies have created for us.  Am I telling the truth or not?

And it’s not just about Atheism for Margie. O sht, no.  Her NewChurch theology includes all of the hip Gerontology themes being pushed by the Spirit Vatican II crowd.

Sister Margie Gillis of New Waterford, is an educator, community developer and a member of the Sisters of Charity. She’s also passionate about the environment, sustainability, and the emergent universe. Prepare to be stirred and challenged and, to perhaps, hear an unexpected revelation!…(Source)

Right from the D&P playbook, I’d say.  She’s passionate about the environment and other avante guarde causes like “gender identity”.   No need to elucidate too much on that if you’re clean and sober, but if you’re still smoking some of that social justice weed, and need to shake off some of the effects, watch the video below in its entirety and the air will clear for you.

Her repertoire is pretty much par for the course in the social justice industry.  But there are even a few new things (aren’t there always?) from our progressive atheist nun.  Yes indeedy, Margie has introduced us to the “emergent universe”.  I just can’t wait to find out what that’s about!  But in the mean time, I took a screen shot of her central slide presentation.  Check it out here in widescreen.  By quickly reviewing the chart, you’ll get the gist of why Maggie has blasted off to a place where No Sister has gone before!  Summary:  Left side = Catholic (stale and old).  Right side = The Emerging Universe (hip and modern)

Below is the video clip in question.  It’s about 30 minutes in length. Here are the highlights:

  •  2:00-2:15 – “My name is Margie Gillis. I’m a Roman Catholic nun, and I don’t believe in God.” (A statement of Apostasy.)
  • 12:00-14:40 – Denigrates Christian teaching on the centrality of God and Man and raises eco-worship to the same and ultimately greater importance than humanity. (Adopting the heresy of materialism.)
  • 14:40-15:10 – Gender is a “favourite” of Sr. Margie.  She says that under the “Old Cosmology”, gender was “restricted” to two sexes. (Implying that there are more than two genders.)
  • 16-25-16:50 – Questions the transcendence of God.  Refers, mockingly, to God as “Catholic”. (Implying that the Catholic Faith is not divine in origin.)
  • 19:05-19:20 – Under the New Cosmology, humans are not superior to nature. (Therefore, undermining the doctrine concerning the existence of a person’s immortal soul.)
  • 19:30-19:40 – Human beings are “dispensable”. The earth will do much better without us.  (Eco heresy which espouses that the earth is more important than man.)
  • 21:23-22:00 – Gender differentiates along a “continuum”. (Contradicts Christian understanding of gender being definite and corresponding to biology.)
  • 23:20-23:35 – After referring to all religionists, claims that God is not just Catholic but all of these. (Effectively advocates for syncretism.)
  • 23:08-26:30 – Denies the divine foundation of the Church and makes its beliefs and practices contingent on human knowledge. (Effectively advocating for modernism.)
  • 28:10 – Repeats denial of Catholic understanding of God.  Says this “Old Cosmology” doesn’t “fit” anymore. (Repeats her Apostasy.)

Poor, Sr. Margie, all her ideas are just emerging with the universe but she can’t figure out why that which she has been entrusted with is shrinking and dying off.  And so is most of the Diocese she belongs to, as well.  Big surprise there, eh?

Tolerating dissent and apostasy means spiritual death to the Church which is closely followed by physical shrinkage.  You’d think with all of the degrees combined among them, the bishops would clue in to this fact.    Why haven’t we had a really smart bishop rattle some cages during one of those plenary assemblies they have and point out the obvious correlation?  Or is it just the peasants out here in the blogosphere who can do the math and connect the dots?   Why would anyone ever want to convert to a Christian (never mind Catholic) organization which tolerates NewChurch Green Age pap?  There’s no need to rev up for the “new evangelization”.  Why?  Simply because much of society is already on board with what the Canadian Church tolerates.  Just ask Margie.  She’ll tell you all about it.  Even if a candidate were convicted by Christian truth by some other source, they would not be able to recognize Jesus Christ in most dioceses in this country, but they sure could pick out Gaia without any problem.

We have to pray for Sr. Margie.  This is a woman who has completely lost it and she needs some serious prayer to bring her back to her senses. Sometimes – not often mind you but sometimes – people come back after correction from a Superior or Bishop.  Let us pray that SOMEONE IN AUTHORITY challenges her to come back to the Faith…or at least…for the love of Jesus…ask her kindly to stop identifying herself as a Roman Catholic nun until she stops exploring the emerging universe and comes back to this one.

Captain’s Log Star Date 2012.07.03

3 thoughts on “NewChurch And Its Apostasy

  1. Ah yes, Sister Margie. Check out New Dawn Enterprises, the original Canadian “community organizing” organization. Started back in the ’70’s by none other than Greg MacLeod. AKA, Father Greg MacLeod when it suits him. For years I had no idea he was even a priest…………

  2. I am absolutely amazed and appalled when individuals disect what others say. What was done to Sr. Margie Gillis’ presentation is exactly what some do with the bible. Quotes are taken and used to enhance their platform where, if the before and after were included,the platform would loose all credibility.

    Try listening again but listen to the whole,you just might find Sr. Margie Gillis is not denouncing God,she is helping others become aware we are not an island, we are part of the whole and need to respect every aspect of our world. God did not only create people, She created the trees, insects, animals, even the air we breath. He gave us the ability to discern right from wrong along with the ability to serve and protect the ground which provides us with nourishment. Our hand can not be seen as independent of our body …. consider your body as a universe, each part taking care to respect and honor the other.

    Or would you prefer to see yourself as elite and an island, independent of creation.

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