Newborn babies learn in their sleep

Newborn babies absorb knowledge even when they are fast asleep, according to the results of a new studies [sic].

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If a newborn can learn in its sleep, than certainly unborn children also learn in the womb.  I’ve heard anecdotes of mothers explaining how their newborn responds to music that was frequently played during her pregnancy, or to a lullaby that the mother would sing before the child was born.  Clearly, the baby was hearing it and was comforted.  This is yet another beautiful confirmation of the complete humanity and personhood of the pre-born child.

But it also raises the level of responsibility of the parents and others.  The unborn child can likely sense arguments and conflicts between parents or between people who are around a pregnant woman, which can leave early psychological scars.  What’s more, the baby will sense when its mother is anxious or stressed and will likewise be affected.  So when you are in the presence of a pregnant woman, be as gentle as if she was carrying a sleeping child in her arms.  The little one in the womb is aware of its surroundings.  We don’t want to scare or agitate such a precious jewel.

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