New York Senators sold their soul and their vote over gay “marriage” law

Tell me, honestly, are you really surprised by this story?

New York senators receive hefty donations from New York Mayor for gay ‘marriage’ vote


Tue Jul 19, 2011

ALBANY, July 19, 2011 ( – The four New York Republicans who changed their votes to swing the New York Senate in favor of gay “marriage” all received hefty donations from New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to campaign finance records filed last week.

State Senator Mark Grisanti was the first of the four to file his report last Wednesday, reporting a $10,300 contribution from Bloomberg.


According to a City Hall News report, Bloomberg had promised before the Senate vote to financially support any Republican who voted in favor of gay “marriage.”(Source)

Two of the switcheroo Senators were actually Knights of Columbus…

This story highlights two things:

  1. As long as we stupid voters continue to elect such callous politicians, they will continue to press the envelope to see how much they can get away with. Much of the blame lies with us.
  2. It’s hard to count on anybody these days. So many people in positions of influence are eventually corrupted and fall away. Don’t let it happen to you. Stand up with a backbone. And don’t get discouraged at these things, because God doesn’t need large numbers to work his miracles. He just needs a small remnant of faithful.

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