New York Daily News Promotes Pro-Abortion Language in Writers Guidelines

New York Daily News Promotes Pro-Abortion Language in Writers Guidelines

By Elizabeth O’Brien

NEW YORK, June 14, 2007 ( – The New York Daily News (NYDN), the sixth largest newspaper in the United States, uses a set of writer guidelines that favor abortion through choice of language.

The paper’s writing requirements promote an anti-life mindset by instructing writers to avoid certain words when dealing with the abortion issue. The words “pro-life” and “pro-lifers”, for example, must be replaced with ‘abortion foes”, “abortion opponents” or in the case of constricted title space, “abort foes”. The positive terms “pro-life” and “pro-lifers” may be used only within direct quotations.

On the other hand, when describing someone who supports abortion as a woman’s right, writers must choose positive terms, such as “abortion rights activist”, “pro-abortion rights” or “pro-choice”. The term “pro-abortion” must be avoided.

The biased position is even clearer in the guidelines that council writers how to speak about a pregnant woman. According to NYDN guidelines, a writer must omit “when the life of the mother is at stake”. In such phrases, NYDN writers must replace “mother” with “woman”.

Similarly, the term “unborn child” is not permitted. Rather, it must always be referred to as a “fetus”.



One of the first strategic acts of war is to cut off the lines of communication of your enemies. The pro-abort lobby knows very well that, in order to win this war, they must win the war over semantics and words. In the abortion war, the aim is to depersonalize the unborn children and sterilize the relationship between mother and child.

That is why it is always imperative to use pro-life language, the language of truth and reality, when engaging the culture. We cannot cede this turf.

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