New Rite for Blessing a Child in the Womb: Where’s the CCCB Version?

May 9, 2012 ( – The U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Conference has published the full text of a new rite of blessing for children in the womb.

The new prayers, first proposed in 2008, are aimed at helping parents of unborn children “by imparting grace and comfort in time of concern and need,” encouraging parishes to unite in prayer for the child, and fostering “respect for human life within society.”

The prayers, approved by the Vatican earlier this year, may be said either within a Mass or on their own, and have been published as a booklet in both English and Spanish. (Source)

I couldn’t find these prayers on the website of the CCCB. I wonder why the Canadian bishops haven’t published this yet. Hopefully the delay is only due to the need to translate it to French.

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