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Orillia, Ontario – February 9, 2010: A unique effort is underway by a few pro-life individuals to spread the truth about abortion directly to households. The message is not new but the method has never been tried in a large way. Over 5,000 flyers have already been distributed to households in Canada. There are another 11 Million households in Canada, and ten times as many in the United States that still need to receive the message – and this new group, called “Workers for Life” is ready to meet the challenge.

“It’s time”, says Bill Vandewiel, President of the new group, “that people know what really goes on during an abortion. The picture is not one of beauty but of pain and suffering for both the unborn child and the mother, however, the truth cannot be ignored any longer”. Our method is to add another layer of pro-life witness to the efforts of those who choose to do pro-life witness by showing graphical images of abortion. Our method, however, is to do so in the privacy of a home where adults have time to reflect on the message and share it with young people only if they wish to do so. “That doesn’t mean that we have a problem with street witness (I, myself, have taken part), we’re only adding to that effort”.

The method being used by Workers for Life is to deliver “Unaddressed Admail” to homes in a given area via standard postal service. The method is relatively inexpensive and a household can be covered for about the cost of a single colour brochure. Not only that, Workers for Life will do all the work in assembling and managing the mailings. The four-page full-colour flyer, which is called “It’s a Person”, shows the wonder of unborn life as well as the tragedy of unborn life after abortion.

The internet site created for this project is Workers for Life has also included support functions for those who see the flyer. Recognizing that people who receive the flyer in their mailbox may want to voice their opinion, comments are welcomed at Not only that, for those who have been personally affected by a previous abortion, or by the images in the flyer, Workers for Life welcomes contact via their mailing address in Orillia, Ontario, or via Responses to mail will be dealt with in a caring and non-judgmental manner by concerned individuals working with Workers for Life.

To reach over 1 Million homes in Canada, and possibly extend that coverage to the United States, Workers for Life needs the support of all those who wish to advance the protection of the unborn child. “Children deserve no less” is their motto. You are encouraged to complete the survey at as well as provide your comments and support.

“There’s no question about it, says Bill. “When the “It’s a Person” flyer reaches a household, no longer will the occupants be able to say, “If only I had known”. First impressions are lasting ones and there’s no question that the “It’s a Person” flyer will leave a lasting impression. We feel that this is a great way for pro-life organizations with few people resources to become involved – because we do all the work. Our initial test run has shown that “Children deserve no less””. For additional information see… and don’t forget to complete the survey.

2 thoughts on “New Pro-Life Initiative

  1. Bold move! I am amazed that Canada Post agreed to send this pamphlet through the postal system. But it is great news for the good guys…it means that Canada Post has set an important precedent.
    Way to go, Orillia!

  2. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    I’m not sure Canada Post will go along with these flyers. Last time there was a controversial flyer both the union and the media gave Canada Post a hard time. CPC gave offical statements to the media from their legal department saying the flyers were legal. It didn’t help though.

    It was a year of so ago, a Fundamentalist Church from Ontario mailed out flyers throughout various parts of Canada quoting Scripture. The union refused to deliver the flyers calling them ‘homophobic hate mail’ and tried to use the criminal code to support their position. Some letter carriers tried to deliver the flyers arguing ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘freedom of expression’ but they were out numbered, CUPW put a stop them. No surprise, the media backed the union. In the end supervisors and superintendents were forced to deliver the flyers. I think we can expect the same thing again or worse unless these flyers are enclosed in sealed envelopes. The left love abortion. Then we’ll just have the homeowners raging.

    Bill Whatcott knows about this kind of thing and what we should expect.

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