New Principal @ Maryvale

Congrats to Colin on his new appointment.

I am very proud to have been a part of founding that school (was Director of Finance for first 2 years). It was one of the most productive things that I’ve ever done.

I hope to get back to doing productive things in the near future, instead of being the sht-disturber and bad-ass in the Canadian Church.

I expect now that the Homosexualist regime in Ontario will be plastering rainbows all over Catholic schools in September and being conduits for porn stars in Ontario, parents will start to pull their kids and look for other options.

I think the Archdiocese of Ottawa should honestly consider reviewing how it spends our money.  Yes, it is our money.   Out with social justice and in with Catholic education, I say.  And frankly, we shouldn’t even wait for the Archdiocese to make that decison.  Just stop giving as much to your local parish and put the money into your kids’ education instead.  Tough times call for touch action.   Deficient teaching over the past 50 years has consequences, and I fail to see why our children should suffer over the “Needs of the Canadian Church”.

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