New movie about Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins

A few months ago, we reported on a bunch of Hollywood movies in the pipeline that would involve biblical themes. Noah (watch the trailer below) seems to be the first one up, with a planned release in North America on March 28. The trailer looks good. We’ll see how the movie turns out. They’ve certainly picked some excellent actors. The director is Darren Aronofsky, who also directed Black Swan and The Wrestler.

Some people are turned off by the story of Noah. They see it as a story of a mean, vengeful God. I see the opposite. To me, it’s the story of a loving God who was fed up of watching the lives of innocent people being destroyed by wicked men and who intervened powerfully to save them.

Superhero movies have been the hottest ticket in Hollywood in the last few years. What’s the essence of every superhero movie? In the end, after the dust settles and the clashes of battle have stopped, the good guys win and the bad guys lose. And guess what: nobody feels sorry for the bad guys. This final justice provides a deep sense of satisfaction to almost everybody. The story of Noah is very similar and I hope the movie will portray this convincingly. 

In fact, the entire history of salvation follows a similar storyline. In the end, all those who sought God with a sincere heart will enjoy eternal happiness, while those who chose to reject Him will be eternal Losers (yes, capital “L”). Salvation is God’s free gift, ripe for the taking by anyone. But you have to want it and prove that you want it through the way you love God and neighbour. As long as you’re sincerely trying to do that without willingly holding back, you have nothing to worry about. That’s where our job is simpler and easier, in some sense, than the job of the superhero. The superhero has to defeat the villain by his own might. We don’t. We let Christ do that part. We just need to fight alongside him and leave the end result up to him.

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  1. Looking forward to this movie. If ten million see it, ,that will generate twenty million conversations, which will turn into one hundred million texts and tweets. I am confident that God is lookng forward to all of the free publicity. “My word does not return to me void….”

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