New Management At Catholic Insight

David Beresford has been appointed the new editor of Catholic Insight, upon the retirement of Fr deValk. He worked with Father deValk for several weeks learning the trade, and is intending that Catholic Insight will continue to goad the timid cultural fence-sitters who have not yet discovered the liberating joy that comes from the Eucharist, the Catholic Faith, and living the culture of life.   See Catholic Register piece on the transition here.

The first issue under his management is the October issue.

David Beresford teaches Biology, Environmental Science, and Statistics at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry’s Bay, and also publishes articles on G. K. Chesterton in Gilbert Magazine, and The Journal of the Canadian Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

2 thoughts on “New Management At Catholic Insight

  1. “Going into its 21st year as Canada’s right-leaning, conservative journal of ideas” – interesting description of Catholic Insight by a fellow “Catholic” newspaper..I remember when the Catholic Register was a newspaper worthy of the name Catholic, under the leadership of the great Larry Henderson but not too long after Mr. Henderson’s departure it became Canada’s left-leaning liberal journal of ideas. My familiarity with Catholic Insight does not carry the word conservative with it, but ORTHODOX. A blessed and Happy retirement to Fr. de Valk another great candidate for Fr. Rosica’s program on S&L, Witness, since he seems to be running out of true witnesses to interview

  2. You mean to say that you actually watch the pseudo-Catholic network S&L, run by the pseudo-Catholic priest Rosica? Tell me, do you agree with Rosica’s hostile, anti-life rants, or his hateful treatment of the folks at LifeSiteNews, etc, etc.

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