One thought on “New Ice Age

  1. Paycheck, Ice core samples give dating for supposed millions of years. Our present carbon rate is not as high as rates have been before industry, and auto’s appeared. The Elite scientists ,business moguls, governments who control schools and courts know this already. As The Bible teaches us to be good stewards of our earth, that is what we ought to do without being led astray by mind controlling, and exploiting business moguls.
    They can fool all the (mob) as Professor Tom Landers called the democratic voting people ,all of the time now, because of institutionalized Politically Correct Relativism and it’s morality enforced by government, law , education and by the business and media moguls. This way the mob will follow their elitist leaders willingly, and in any direction the mob has been socially engineered to go in. The objective truth is no longer tolerated by those in power, and they enforce their immorality by government, law and brainwashing through our education establishments. Only a few people care like Tom and they can explain this from it’s beginning,to the present, but they are leaving this world for a better place. Tom and his friends spent years of time, and money politically uniting Canadian citizens to change evil human trafficking, and sexual exploiting Parliamentary, and Supreme Court of Canada Law of 2005, and succeeded in doing so in 2008. This is what righteous Canadian citizens have politically accomplished for Christ’s and future generations sake. What or who is hindering you now? Who do you love?

    Paycheck, this is not rocket science and has been proven by Professor Tom Landers , Dr.Walter Szetela and friends beyond a shadow of a doubt. It seems our professors with tenure in the public sector; have accomplished more than those hiding in religious edifices who do not have to suffer the wrath of religious secular Deans,colleagues and socially engineered puppets. The mob believes their elected gods and defends them with their lives. They believe the lies taught as truth because they are too lazy to investigate the facts empirically and objectively. This is now Hell; where every form of evil is legalized, then The Canadian Human Rights Act makes this now legalized perversion a human right, and social justice normalized by adults to formerly innocent schoolchildren.

    Paycheck, do your best, keep praying and being God’s friend. That is all we can do. Running for office costs to much money when the mob votes for the other guy, and sits besides you during Mass,but we must continue to do as Professor Tom Landers taught us, for Christs and the futures sake. Blessings.

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