2 thoughts on “New D&P President Elected

  1. Paycheck:

    D+P membership is around 13K. I am interested in a more accurate age distribution of its membership.

    My estimate is that a good majority are aging, hippie baby boomers, say 55-65. Reasonable?

    It’s “youth wing”, it is logical to surmise, are principally student radical types that you find on university campuses, running the associations/newspapers, hipsters with goatees, get news/info from The Colbert Report, living off of mummy’s and daddy’s, investments, etc… Any reliable numbers here?

  2. Beats me, TH2, but I would suspect that your range is very much on the mark. The youth wing does not likely go to Church on a weekly basis. They’re probably socialists who know where the cash is.

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