New Abortion Caravan: Keep on Truckin’

Through our readership, Socon or Bust is very proud to financially sponsor CCBR and their efforts.  Over the past several days, my family was also very blessed to host two young women from the Caravan at our home.  They’re not what you would expect in “anti-abortion” activists who are on the boundaries of pushing polite society’s baby-killing envelope.  They were very pleasant, meek, and gentle. Isn’t that just a stereotype buster? 

They are completely at ease in doing what they are doing and yet being very normal about it.  That’s exactly what the pro-life movement needs with this kind of work.  When people see such young people holding these signs and then start to engage them, they realize that these young adults aren’t weird or radicals, but actually quite normal and very intelligent.  Comportment and impression are big things when trying to push risky images which are on the boundary of debate in a culture.  They’re well-dressed, well-spoken, calm, cool, and collected.  On the other hand, their opponents are the exact opposite of this.  A more vivid contrast could not be hoped for.  And these young pro-lifers (20-30 years of age, generally) are very good at what they do. That spells utter disaster for the pro-abort establishment in this country.  Even young people who are on the periphery of this debate will be impressed with these fine young Canadians, and they will be giving the wet thumbs down to  pro-abortionists who really don’t have much to offer in response — except the occasional tatooed and used bare breasts.

So after we briefly introduced ourselves, I happened to pick up some of their conversation about their itinerary here in Ottawa. 

“So, who’s going truckin’ today?” 

“Not sure, but I’m on post card duty later on.”

I’m just a cheerleader from the outside, but I really didn’t need to inquire about what these handles meant.  “Truckin’ meant driving that abortion truck around the City, while post card duty was going to house to house and depositing post card size images of aborted babies.

Cajones.  And big ones, too.

I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement for over 25 years (since I was 18), and I never felt so small.  I’m not dissing my own contribution or pro-life activists like myself and their contributions, but we need to give credit where credit is due.  I was in awe, and really I’m not in awe of too many things.   One of these young women even shared that sometimes she drives the abortion truck.  I figured that this was the job of one of the guys, given the danger involved.  I could almost hear Sarah Palin telling me, “Hon’, shove over and let me show you how it’s done.”  Like I said, “Awe” and “Hero/ine” are not inappropriate labels here. 

At last night’s presentation at Greenbelt Baptist Church, I estimate at least 75% of the Caravan’s couple of dozen activists were women.   That’s a good thing too because, as everyone knows, abortion is a women’s issue.  So, it’s only fitting that women should be on the front lines in taking back the prize from the Old Unrepentant Hippie Feminists.  (As an aside, during one of the more humourous episodes last night, one of the female pro-abort protesters complained to one of the guys at the presentation that he was a man and “he wouldn’t understand because he wasn’t a woman”.  He quipped, “How do you know that I am a man?”  It shut her up pretty quickly.  Slippery definitions, after all, work both ways in the games and names of the new sex and life wars.)

The reality here is that when these pictures become normalized, then abortion becomes de-normalized.  What does this mean? It means that when these pictures seep into the consciences of Canadians and rouse up the moral indignation that they fuel, abortion’s days are numbered in this country.  And the only thing between the current status quo on abortion and its abolition is how quickly we can get these pictures out.

That takes money and lots of it.  Do your part today and donate.  Make abortion unthinkable in our lifetime. It can happen but we need to support and encourage these young adults.

Here are a few audio clips from last night. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out, they are definitely worth listening to.

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