Nevermind About Madrid. There’s Lots of Bull in Toronto.

Not sure about you, but I hardly think that this kind of bizarre paranoia and gloating from Fr. Rosica is very dignified.

Kinda makes you ask questions about who suggested the “sting” against Michael Voris.

Funny how CNA or the rest of the Catholic Lapdog Press doesn’t cover the sexual orientation of the financial supporters of Salt+Light.

Gee, I wonder why that could be?! The lapdog press is so challenging, isn’t it?

Besides, Fr. Rosica has his own issues with transparency.  We’re all still waiting for his made-up “studies”, purporting to expose “angry” Catholic blogs who are filled with “filth, hate, conjecture, and innuendo.” If you want “bull”, no need to travel to Madrid.  Just skip on down to Richmond Street in Toronto.

And that’s not the only problem with Salt + Light’s transparency and legitimate journalism, either.

Personally, I don’t see anything significantly wrong in Voris’s operation, frankly.   He split his operations into two legal entities – one non-profit; the other one a “for-profit” organization.

Whoop-dee-doo-dah.  Big deal. He’s stated as much on his website, and was very clear about it.

When you’re “for-profit”, it means you’re not non-profit, but only from a legal and tax point of view.  To be a non-profit organization and registered to collect donations, it means that you keep your comments guarded for fear of losing your charitable status.  But if you want to be free to “give’er”, you don’t register as a non-profit, and because of that you are automatically “for profit” from a legal stand point with the IRS, but not necessarily from a moral point of view.  That is, your organization might indeed pay tax, but its mandate is not to enrich its stakeholders.  Big difference.

By the way, if CNA is that concerned about big money in Catholic circles, why not talk about the cool $1.2M that the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus makes?  Let me explain why the Catholic Lapdog Press, like Salt + Light, isn’t that interested in doing that kind of reporting about one of their funders.

Perhaps if the Catholic bishops in North America would drop their charitable status, a lot of frank talk could come from the pulpits.  If you ask me, one of the biggest impediments of evangelization in the West is a result of the Church being too cozy with the State, and especially when it concerns money.

But getting back to Fr. Rosica’s email to The Vox, it strikes me as someone who is a little concerned and not a little unbalanced about the new wave of no non-sense Catholics.

There’s a whiff of desperation in his words.  It’s all just slipping away from him.  He may be running with the Bulls in Spain but he can still read the writing on the wall.

He may have his big media empire and even a bully pulpit from a University in Windsor, but the problem is:  there’s not many who want to listen.

Shades of Radio Marti, I’d say.

And that’s no bull.

2 thoughts on “Nevermind About Madrid. There’s Lots of Bull in Toronto.

  1. Another thing, you can bet that Fr. Rosica wouldn’t allow such a comment as he sent to Catholic Canada if someone wrote about himself in that fashion on Salt and Light’s site.

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