Never Again

“I find the whole thing really unfortunate,” said Westen. “Would they ban the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun or the Globe and Mail because they often hold positions a lot more antagonistic to the Catholic Church than I ever would?”

The answer is “no” because the Toronto Star is Fr. Rosica’s go-to paper when he wants to trash pro-life Catholics.  No problem getting media accreditation for them.  They’re not interested in over-turning the swell job the CCCB has been doing these past 40 years.  Why scuttle a good thing?

Folks, the natural reaction here is to fight back with some hard-hitting measures.  Boycott church donations, do a protest outside of the CCCB here in Ottawa, scream “bloody murder” to the bishops, etc. etc.  But the reality here is that none of this is going to help us in the long-term or even in the short-term. 

The sad reality here is that the bishops fail to understand that their conduct in this pathetic display and the management of their evil bureaucracy (what John Paul II called “sinful structures”) is completely eviscerating their credibility.  They fail to realize that their office is not merely a legal one.  It’s a moral one as well.  The strength of it and its ability to influence is dependent on the latter dimension and not on the former.  

These past 40 years, the legacy of the bishops of this country has been nothing but death and destruction.  Every year, we lose moral ground and our civilization continues to descend into the gutter.  And what are our bishops doing?  Banning faithful Catholics from telling us what they are doing or not doing. More concerned about their reputations and administrative authority, they strain at a gnat and swallow the camel.

What this whole D&P abortion scandal has shown is that we are dealing with a group of very worldly men whose hearts and minds are far away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We just have to continue holding fast to what we’ve been given and hold up the truth for those who wish to see. 

No one is forced to follow Jesus or admit the truth.  But then again, no one is entitled to heaven, either, much to the chagrin of our socialist and universalist friends.

Eventually our children will become the leaders of the Church, and we can all look back on this sad spectacle in Church history and cry out, “Never. Never. Never Again.”

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