Needs of the Canadian Church

This past weekend there was another one of those yellow envelopes in my parish offering box.  I pay particular attention to those multi-coloured envelopes these days. The envelopes denoting regular Sunday offerings are the white ones.  The money my family puts in those goes to my parish, although the Archdiocese gets a cut for their administration expenses. I think it’s 15%.  But every so often, there’s another envelope for some cause or other. Most of the time, they’re good causes. But in light of the D&P fiasco, I don’t look kindly on the yellow envelopes anymore. I have to examine them and try to figure out if the name sounds right.  Development & Peace won’t see another dime from me, of course, but there are other concerns that I have with some of the other envelopes too. 

This past weekend, I saw another yellow envelope. This time it was for the “Needs of the Canadian Church”.  It’s kind of a misnomer since some of the money goes to international efforts as Msgr. Beach’s letter above makes evident.  I also have some real concerns about where the money is going.  Buzz phrases like “social justice”, “ecumenical relations”, “promotion of human rights”, and “aid to developing countries”  just don’t seem to pass the smell test these days. In fact, if we started asking some pointed questions about these efforts, I think we would be scandalized.  That’s only a speculation, mind you, but it’s a warranted one, considering all the scandal we’ve been enduring lately.

Needless to say, I passed on putting any money in that particular envelope last weekend.  Just too risky. And my money is far too hard earned and important to legitimate charities.

It’s a matter of trust.   And right now, trust between me and the hierarchy and their bureaucrats in Canada is at rock bottom. 

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