Need to keep our eye on the D&P gravy train

Hey!  Wake up! This little skirmish is not over.

On D&P’s Share Lent Calendar of Events (just to the right on this link), readers will notice that Fr. Arriaga was scheduled to tour the Eastern region:

“Fr. Luis Arriaga (S.J.), director of the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center in Mexico City, will visit the Eastern Ontario Region during the period of March 30-April 7, 2011.”

Presumably that means he will move on from Ottawa and outside of the Archdiocese of Ottawa’s jurisdiction to spread his “human rights for some” social justice gospel.  We really don’t know which city he is going to visit next, but I would think Toronto might be a possible destination for him since he’s been there before (even if it’s not Eastern Ontario).  He’s here in Canada already so he has to make his trip worthwhile.  Please e-mail the Archbishop of Toronto ( and let him know of Archbishop Prendergast’s decision about Fr. Arriaga.  We need to block ALL of his Church-sponsored appearances in Canada and not just the ones here in Ottawa.

Keep your eye on the D&P gravy train as it moves across Ontario, folks. If you hear or see anything about Fr. Arriaga’s movements, let us know.  And we’ll do what we can to derail D&P’s plans.  Please also remember to pray for Fr. Arriaga and all of the CanChurch TM crowd for their conversion to the Catholic faith.

By the way, to access a near-complete inventory of D&P abortion scandal posts by Socon or Bust, please click on this link:



5 thoughts on “Need to keep our eye on the D&P gravy train

  1. Hey Pacheco, before I go on and take your suggestion to write, what is your summative opinion on Archbishop Collins, the bishop of Toronto? (BTW Toronto is west of Ottawa not east but all is forgiven). I’m asking about his approach to things like this, is he pro-life AND known to preach about it or is he a softee? Is he more or less likely to be like Archbishop Prendergast (using Prendergast as the standard)? I just want to know the likelihood of him receiving this in true charity or rejecting it cause he’s got the mitre on.

  2. I need suggestions on what to say to my priest. I don’t think my bishop is accessible to most people.

    My priest insists there is nothing to worry about because our bishop is pro life. And he’s right if we read Archbishop Miller 2009 statement printed in LSN when he and others took a stand by withholding money to D&P. He has also had the diocese website revamped giving great links to encourage and educated the faithful, aid to post-abortion women and much, much more. All in all, Archbishop Miller looks very pro life. Yet the diocese website still lists fundraisers for D&P and gives their official link.

    I’ve also checked into many of your links at and see they are still valid.

    I’m confused. I wrote Archbishop Miller several times about D&P funding he nor his staff respond.

    Meanwhile, my fellow parishioner believe the matter is over and the problem is solved.


  3. SMC,
    Archbishop Miller is indeed very pro-life. It’s unfortunate that your letters have not been replied to. I would suggest calling the Archdiocese and asking directly if donations are still being withheld from D&P. If so, you have little to worry about, although you should point out the contradiction of the D&P fundraisers posted on the diocesan website.

    If they tell you that money has resumed flowing to D&P, then tell them to read Archbishop Prendergast’s statement to make them realize that D&P still has many problems.

    Keep us posted about your progress.

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