Natural fertility treatment helps Ottawa couple to have a child

Please take a moment to read this wonderful testimony from the pen of Heidi Desrochers, a personal friend of mine. As explained in her article, her medical condition was not allowing her to conceive.  While secular doctors were recommending IVF, Heidi and her husband Pierre, two very faithful Catholics, opted instead for natural fertility treatment which enabled them to have a son, little Daniel.

It’s sad how modern medicine has evolved.  Many doctors aren’t interested in finding the ultimate cause of why a couple can’t conceive.  They just take a shortcut and recommend IVF, which is like treating the symptoms. As illustrated in the case above, doctors should invest the time to find the root cause of a couple’s infertility, which enables a more direct and effective treatment, without ethical problems.

I’m very happy for Pierre and Heidi. Praise be to God!

(As a side note, I’ve known Pierre for more than 10 years. He introduced me to a fellow named John Pacheco, and the rest is history.)

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