National Marriage Caucus

Tuesday’s National Marriage Caucus at the National Press Club was a very useful and important day for Social Conservatives across this country. There were representatives from B.C. to New Brunswick. Various press crews were there throughout the day as well as about 10-12 Members of Parliament most notably, Stockwell Day, Jason Kenney, Maurice Vellacott, Art Hanger, Pierre Lemieux and others. Senator Anne Cools showed up and gave a quick cameo appearance and speech, and Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, and Dr. Conrad Wyn, the president and CEO of COMPASS, gave some really great speeches at lunch time.

Dr. Wyn provided insightful and humorous examples of how social conservatives can win the media battle with only slight changes in approach and delivery, while Stockwell Day provided some much needed encouragement to the troops gathered at the Club. He made a very telling comment near the end of his speech when he recounted a radio interview between him and Jack Layton on the issue of Bill C-38. At one point in the interview, Jacko was very impressed with himself that he was able to silence his fellow caucus MP from Manitoba, Bev Desjarlais. Stock pointed out the obvious double standard in today’s media. Indeed, if Stephen Harper were ever to even consider doing such a thing with a social liberal in the Conservative caucus, the media would be thrown into hysterical convulsing that would make Regan McNeil from The Exorcist look like she was having a slight cough.

Before I had arrived I admit that I was questioning whether this would be the best use of my time, but it turned out to be a great event for networking with social groups and prominent individuals across the country. I sensed that many of the groups will be collaborating more closely in the future on the marriage issue and other family related issues.

I did my best to pass out my “business card” and push Spoeth Production’s great documentary: C-38, the Search for Marriage” which no mainstream media outlet has yet to touch, even though it is a first-rate production.

I must have handed out about 20 DVD copies of this documentary to various social conservative and church groups. I even gave one copy to a CBC reporter. As I explained the even-handedness of the production to the reporter, the cameraman was very quick to remind me that by giving a copy to them, I was not to assume it was going to be played on the CBC. Uh, I know that Gethro, but just watch it just the same.

However, one of the participants gave me hope that the CBC might, in fact, consider showing it. He had inside contacts with the CBC that would give it serious consideration. I won’t hold my breath, but if you don’t try, nothing ever gets accomplished.

I also came up with an idea to galvinize the movement during the prayer vigil on Parliament Hill, but it needs to stay secret for now. I need to sell the idea to the relevant parties first. If, however, I am successful, look out Canada. We could be on the edge of a social conservative revolution!

Besides all of the official events organized at the National Marriage Caucus, I had the privilege of meeting a true prophet of God. As my colleague and I were descending the steps on Parliament Hill, and walking towards the Peace Flame, I happened to notice this sign:

I almost wee’d my pants. As many of you know, I have been involved in a movement to highlight the destructive aspects of contraception and the obvious link to “gay marriage” (i.e. both involve contraceptive sex as their foundation). Check out The Rosarium.

When I saw the sign, I just had to meet the person who would have the guts to do something like this. It turned out to be Fr. Tony Van Hee himself, the quiet and humble priest who has been on Parliament Hill every day that Parliament was in session for the past 18 years. That translates into about 135 days a year, folks. He was just completing a forty-day fast on bread and water.

You know, many of us “activists” think that our activism is really what moves God. It is not. It is the selfless and unknown sacrifices of the righteous men of God like Fr. Tony Van Hee. The unknown, the forgotten, the supposedly insignificant. This is what moves nations and cultures back to decency and the love of God and neighbour. Meeting him was like meeting a real and true Saint.

Anyhow, the National Marriage Caucus was a big success for me personally and for many of the attendees. The numbers were not huge, but then again, David didn’t need huge numbers. He just needed 5 small, smooth stones.

Here are some other pics…

Joseph Ben Ami of the Institute of Canadian Values addresses the Prayer Vigil.

Tristan Emmanuel of the ECP Centre looks on.

Senator Anne Cools addresses participants at the National Press Club.

Prayer Vigil at Parliament Hill for Caucus Attendees

Impromptu Singing of O Canada

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