25,000 Cram Parliament Hill For 16th Annual March for Life – Largest Ever


Feature Story: Estimated 25,000 pack Parliament Hill for Canadian March for Life (LifeSite)

Socon or Bust Feature Post:  March for Life 2013 – It’s All About Growing the Momentum

Socon or Bust Pics from the March for Life (Socon or Bust)

Hillcam shots through the years show numbers are growing (Socon or Bust)

Liberal Media Terrified of Pro Life Momentum, Refuses to Cover March for Life (Socon or Bust)

Socon or Bust Complains to the CBC Ombudsman (Socon or Bust)

***  March for Life Through The Years  *** (Socon or Bust)

Other stories:

New Brunswick March for Life draws more than 400 pro-lifers (LifeSite)

Canadian Regional Marches for Life increase turnout over last year (LifeSite)

Parliament ‘Hill Cam’ does not lie, reveals larger numbers at 2013 March for Life (LifeSite)

Canada’s Pro-life March Reflect Growing Movement (National Catholic Register)

6 Bishops, 35 priests and thousands of faithful at main March for Life Mass (LifeSite)

EWTN gives massive coverage to 2013 Canada March for Life (LifeSite)

“If you don’t have a right to exist, who cares if you have a right to a job” (LifeSite) 

Pro-Abort Media Bias is Obvious  (Socon or Bust)

Getting on the bus with pro-lifers and “March for Life” at BC’s Parliament (Vancouver Observer)

The media party did a great job of ignoring the annual March for Life protest (SunNews) — MUST WATCH!

Conservative MPs rally for renewed abortion debate (Globe and Mail)

American pro-life leaders offer encouragement to Canadian March for Life (LifeSite)

Anti-abortion movement rebrands, adopts human rights focus (CBC)

Largest ever National March for Life attracts 20,000+ (Catholic Register)

Great photos of Canadian March for Life (LifeSite)

‘You are the pro-life movement, today’: 950 teens fill March for Life Youth Banquet (LifeSite)

Anti-abortion MPs advance their agenda by using Harper’s playbook against him (National Post)

The March for Life in photos (Brian Lilley)

More Pics of the March for Life.  Some revealing photos.  (Big Blue Wave)

Thousands march for life (Video – Brian Lilley, Sun News)  – MUST WATCH!   Brian Lilley: The March for Life is annually the largest protest on Parliament Hill. In my eleven years of covering protests in the Capital, I’ve seen two top it for size: a protest against gay “marriage”…” [Sorry, folks, Socon or Bust couldn’t resist. 😎 ]


‘Everyone told us we should abort that child’: for MPs, support for life is personal (LifeSite)

Pro-life MP decries gendercide inside House of Commons as 25,000 march outside (LifeSite)

Anti-abortion activists march on Parliament Hill (Video) (Globe & Mail – CP)

Canadian pro-lifers hold annual March for Life (Vatican Radio)

Annual anti-abortion march draws thousands to Ottawa (PostMedia)

Joining March for Life should only be the beginning: leaders at Christian prayer service (LifeSite)

Young pro-lifers shun Harper as rally comes to Ottawa (Global News)

Anti-abortion advocates take March for Life  – Report is on Vigil the night before (Sun News)

‘March for Life’ draws thousands to Parliament Hill (Videos) (Sun News)

CBC Tweeting: March for Life 2013 in tweets and pictures (CBC)

March for Life 2013: 1,600 people unite ‘voices for the voiceless’ at Candlelight Vigil (LifeSite)

March for Life organizers call out Harper gvmt on gendercide as pro-lifers prepare to gather (LifeSite)

March for Life Vigil (Socon or Bust)

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