Narcissism & Contraception

Like many today, Narcissus was entranced by an image. An image of love that was only an illusion. He thought he loved a person, but it was only himself. He desires mutuality and reciprocity, but he is all alone. His love never transcends his own ego, it never reaches real communion with another person. Contraception functions much like that alluring pool.

For it does much more than prevent conception on a biological level. Contraception creates a separation from reality that results in several illusions. It is a barrier to reality because it forces us to lie about sexuality. If we treat sex like it’s essentially unrelated to procreation, then we will believe that sex is essentially unrelated to children, family, and society. That is, we lose sight of the real social nature of sexual love, just as Narcissus was isolated from any real social dimension in his love of a phantom.

We thought that contraception would give us the unity we seek without the hassle of social consequences. But contraception is also a barrier that prevents two persons from attaining real unity, even in sex. When spousal love seeks to express sexually that indissoluble bond of a man and woman, contraception again becomes like that pool. The man and the woman look at each other, but they only see themselves. They may be united physically, but spiritually they are alone. Their bodies do not express what their souls desire; they are not ‘one flesh’. How does that happen?…(Source)

Great article and excellent overall point about contraception.  When you contracept, you do not really love the other.  You just love yourself.  You are not united in one flesh with the other.  You’re united with latex…which means you are really separated…from your partner, from true sex, and from society.

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