Nagging feeling that Quebec ‘registry of homophobic’ acts is really about another agenda

He’s right.

When the zeitgeist has used up the homosexuals, they’ll be thrown under the bus.

The Catholic Church, of course, will be one of the few groups who will be sticking up for the gays when it’s not chique to do so.

2 thoughts on “Nagging feeling that Quebec ‘registry of homophobic’ acts is really about another agenda

  1. Every day in Quebec religion and religious people are mocked, ridiculed, intimidated and aggressed in various ways by people who have for the most part no better ‘reason’ than what happened some hundred if not thousand years ago: ‘spanish inquisitions’, ‘women as baby machines’ etc..
    Thankfully some people were paying attention to the current day events wherein recent and ongoing sexual abuses were addressed. The same people however equally address the gays’ actions as these are equally abusive, aggressive and hate based. Ask any gay man what the sexual preference really is and he’ll answer: young boys. Others’ young boys of course.
    I don’t advocate murder but some sexually abusive priests were in fact killed in prison. The gays may seek to avoid the same fate with a 7million dollar budget but their time will also come since they, as those of the church that were arrested, imprisoned and in some cases killed, sought and seek not to reveal the entrenched darkness but hide it and, as the registry and the term ‘homophobic’ clearly demonstrate: silence the witnesses.
    There may or may not be investigative reporting work done to reveal the darkness, the lies, the hate and cover ups of the gay community but invariably the victims of those lies, the victims of that hate, the victims of those cover ups will come forth and be heard regardless of any and all efforts any gay man or woman may attempt to the contrary.
    If the people can get to the pope, the people can get to the gays in politics and other places as well. It’s nothing more, as it always is, a but a matter of time and justice will in fact, as it always is, be served.

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