My Phase Out

As I said in my previous post, I will be fading to black in a month or so and blogging only very sporadically until then. It’s very difficult to quit cold turkey from this stuff, and so I’ve opted for the gradual phase-out approach.

Now, I’ve noticed a few liberals have chosen to pollute my comment boxes about my decision, and I keep hearing the word “coward”. I find that very amusing. I’ve been called a lot of things by leftists but “coward” has never been one of them. I find this a very strange allegation since I have been one of the most outspoken and ballsy of the conservative bloggers to go to the wall with Free Dominion on the whole free speech issue.

Indeed, many of my public positions and statements have left me open to serious attack to my own personal security and my family’s safety over the years. (During the March for Marriage preparations on the Hill, I was almost physically assaulted by a homosexual activist). So this charge of “cowardice” is complete bullkaka for anyone who knows me in anyway whatsoever. I also find it rather ironic and comical that the same people who make this ridiculous claim hide behind anonymous blogs and handles where they can throw their little pebbles without any risk to themselves whatsoever. How so typically liberal….and pathetic.

Hey Leftoid, you want to call me a coward? Then 1) do what I have done over the last several years, and 2) show your face and your identity. Otherwise, stop your silly little rants and quit polluting my blog with your bullshit.

2 thoughts on “My Phase Out

  1. I strongly doubt you will ever go completely silent. You’re not the kind of guy who can stand by and be silent in the face of the world’s evils. You might take a break. You’ll be back. In a month, in a year, in five or twenty years. You’ll be back in some other incarnation.

    I do think you should keep blogging, if nothing else.

  2. Thanks Suzanne. You certainly are a good friend.

    My problem is that I have a hard time balancing this stuff. Once I get going, as my wife says, “you’re a bull at gate”. LOL.

    We’ll see how this month goes.

    I’m just getting tired of these fools on the Left. We’re near a point where dialogue is completely fruitless.

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