My mother was euthanized

…Since then, my life has changed considerably. Up until now, I am still trying to understand how it is possible for euthanasia to be performed on physically healthy people without even contacting their children….(Source)

The triumph of raw will over reason and love.  No, there is absolutely no generation preceding this one which is more perverse and wicked.

2 thoughts on “My mother was euthanized

  1. Would it be unethical if the doctors sincerely believed it was in their patients “best interests”?

    Happened to my father at a Catholic hospital in Maryland. I fought voraciously to have the bad actors held accountable, to no avail (see

    How often is this sort of thing happending below the radar here in the US today?

  2. I’m sorry for your loss.

    For anybody with a moral compass, it is clear that murdering someone is never in the “best interests” of the victim.

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