My Letter to Archbishop Richard Smith, Edmonton

Your Grace,

I hope this email finds you in good health and you are settling well in your new appointment as the Archbishop of Edmonton. I want to offer you my congratulations. May God richly bless your ministry and may the fruit of the Gospel of Life always flourish under your guidance.

The purpose of this email is to inform you of a troubling occurence this past Sunday in the Archdiocese of Edmonton. The details are posted below by a gentleman who confronted the group in question.

As I mentioned to you and Archbishop Gervais two years ago when organizing the March for Marriage, the issue of same-sex “marriage” was never really about marriage at all, but rather providing a means to attack the Church. The account below only further confirms my view that this battle has nothing to do with civil rights but rather with silencing the Church, and eventually desecrating the most Blessed Sacrament.

There are two things desperately needed in the Church today, as I see it. Repentance and Unity. Repentance on the part of the whole church from bishop to lay person and unity between the bishops and the laity.

Unless Catholics resist the tyranny with a greater intensity than our opponents have, the Church will be eventually driven underground.

It is my firm conviction that unless the Church makes a public act of repentance and firmly resolves to resist the imposition of this sexual imperialism, things are going to continue to deteriorate very quickly.

I offer you my assistance in helping to organize against this threat, should you wish to avail yourself of it.

May Our Lady’s mantle of protection always be over you, your Grace.

Regards in the Lord,

John Pacheco


Yesterday when I went to mass to my utter horror I found Mayor Mandel and his homosexual buddies were holding a ‘Pride Brunch” directly across from the church sanctuary. I immediately went to my priest who delivered a wonderful homily and touched on sexual purity yesterday morning. I found my priest was very sad the sodo,mites got themselves in to the church hall, but there was nothing he could do to get them out. He encouraged us to pray before the Blessed Sacrament in regards to this blatant attack against our church by the homosexual lobby.

Apparently the sodo,mites used deception to rent the banquet room and they obviously expected confrontation as they posted two Edmonton Police Service plain clothes officers at the door of my church’s banquet room.

I did pray and then I became quite upset at this blatant attack on our church. Really there is more than 100 banquet rooms in Edmonton that would only be too happy to host the Mayor’s homosexual pride brunch. If they really wanted a church I’m sure the Anglicans and United Church would probably give them a banquet for free just to register their approval for homosexual pride. But nope they had to target the most Conservative Catholic Church in the city.

Anyways I decided if they really wanted a brunch there than some good preaching and meal disruption was in order. So I marched in and called on the sodo,mites to repent and get right with Almighty God. I lasted for about 4 seconds and the two cops grabbed me by my arms and physically dragged me out of my church and on to the public sidewalk before they let me go.

They warned me if I set foot on my church’s property again I would be arrested and charged with tresspassing. I told them homosexuality is an abomination and contrary to my church’s moral teachings. I also told them I am a Catholic and this is my church. The police wen’t back to the sodomfest taking place in my church hall. I went to the Sanctuary tried to pray and got more mad. I called a Lutheran pastor friend of mine and told him what happened and said I wanted to go back in to the homo pride brunch and get arrested. The Pastor is very wise. He told me to cool it, pray and use my Mayor’s campaign to hit back strategically. Really getting arrested at the beginning of my election campaign would be more of a hindrance than do anything useful. I took the advice, left the sodo,mite brunch alone, prayed some more and then I needed to take a

When I went to the washroom I guess one of the plainclothes EPS cops saw me go in. Before was done my leak both cops were in the washroom looking at me while I was finishing my usiness. This was rather annoying. At any rate just as I zippered up they decided to lay in to me. One asked “What part of leave didn’t you understand?” I informed the cop the priest never aked me to leave and as far as I know the only place I can’t go is the sodom brunch. I once again told the cop this church is my church as I am a Catholic and he can’t make me leave. I then told him if he wanted the optics of it he could cuff me and drag me out if he wished.

The officer asked if I wanted that. I told him no, I wanted to be left alone so I could go back to the sanctuary and pray for God to either convert or confuse the wicked plans of those sodo,mites in my church banquet room. The officer said so long as I stayed in the sanctuary there was no need to escalate the confrontation. Fine by me. I went back to prayer the police went back to Mandel’s little sodom pride brunch.


St Andrew’s Centre is a “Catholic” seniors centre. It is not under direct control of St Andrew’s church. If it was the priest would have more say about sodo,mites using the facility. It is however under the authority of the Edmonton Catholic diocese. On this level a homosexual function should still never have happened. I was not aware of all these nuances when I tried to disrupt the Mayor’s sodom function. The seniors centre and church indeed share the same property and building. Church parishioners do hold functions in the banquet room. In fact physically speaking the banquet room is closer to the church sanctuary than it is to the seniors centre.

From the Sanctuary you only need to take a mere 20 or so steps across a carpeted floor to be in the banquet room. To get from the seniors centre to the banquet room you have to take a long stroll down a hallway to get there.

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