My large family is not here to entertain your 1.5 kids!

Bahahaha.  Right on!

These hypocritical parents.  The 1.5 kid-household spends as much CO2 as the large family household does, if not more.

Heat, Electricity, Gas – About the same.

Cars, Vacations (air travel), Clothes, Food (more eating out, less buying in bulk) Etc., Etc. – Much more for the 1.5ers, even in absolute terms.

I raised family break-down as an issue that would harm the Environment (i.e. now you have 2 households and double the emissions) during one of my all-candidate debates in the 2007 Ontario Provincial Election.  All I received was blank stares from the other candidates.

Apparently, it was outside of their David Suzuki-boxed thinking on the Environment.

The problem today isn’t with the flakes in the Environmental movement spreading their fraud.  The problem is with a culture which has been dumbed-down to the point that it can’t think for itself but feels the need to regurgitate the latest thing that Suzuki or Al Gore has to say.


4 thoughts on “My large family is not here to entertain your 1.5 kids!

  1. How times change! When I went to University, there was little awareness of recycling newspapers, nor of anything else. It is good that that has changed. However, THe new 3 R’s are not reading etc but Recyle recycle. EVen at the level of preparing for lent.
    Not repent and believe the good news, but repent of being negligent to the earth.
    If you need a quote, it was found in material left at the Cathedral during lent.
    Really quite banal. I don’t get it really. Do they think this makes the Church more relevant? They could talk of the big issues, of people who have lost a sense of sin. Of selfishness, callousness, greed, lust and a loss of the Godly.

  2. The green movement is simply the new religion. When people abandon their faith, they have to have something to replace it.

    During 40 Days, one young man asked me if we were not concerned with overpopulation. He began quoting things from books he had read, and when I told him they were no longer current, that much of the over-population literature came from the 60’s and is now being de-bunked, he did not know what to say.

    This generation has been indoctrinated by people who bought into this thinking 3-4 decades ago, and those are their current profs and teachers. Unless they get replaced, we will have more of the same information being passed on to future generations of students.

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