2 thoughts on “My Kind of Priest

  1. Hey, what a lovely surprise to check my email today and see all your
    postings, John, and Hey can I say thank you very much for this one.

    I can listen to this man endlessly, because the Holy Spirit flows through him
    so relentlessly and abundantly.

    Don’t let anyone elver feed us curdled milk when this man is delivering
    God’s filet Mignon Truth for us to chew on and be filled with, and yearn as one does whenever they encounter real Truth for more and more and more…

    Because Truth not only satisfies our hearts and is all that can, it makes us desire and even crave more of it , especially when there is so much junk
    food that is not only hazardous to ones health, it poisons us and fills us
    with disease, and never will satisfy.
    Let us pray for this Saint in the making, and for all our Priests to look to him
    as an example of one who refuses to compromise and thus I am sure please his and our Heavenly Father and our Blessed Mother Mary in all
    his humility.

    Truth should never be something we are amazed to encounter it should be the norm.

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